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Complete system file monitor

Moo0 File Monitor Shows Real Time File Changes In Windows

Sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s really going on in Windows’ background. The Moo0 File Monitor shows you real time file changes so you know what’s going on, like when you’re installing software for example.

The only sign of anything happening when you’re installing some programs is a notable increase in CPU and RAM usage. You can tell your machine is working, but you’re not sure what it’s doing—or if it’s actually stuck and it’s working hard for no reason. Open up Moo0 File Monitor and you can see what files are being created, deleted, modified, or moved, and you can see when it happened. Bonus: got a jump in CPU and RAM usage and you’re not installing anything? Open up the monitor and you might catch some malware in the act.

Moo0 File Monitor works on Windows XP and up, is completely free, and can be installed on your system or ran as a standalone. Check the link below to download it.

The perfect workstation?

  • Anything from 4th GEN i5 or i7
  • SSD, look for speed of 400 MB/s and higher. Intel, ADATA, etc. I’ve used them all.
  • Dell Optiplex workstations, or Intel’s new NUC (with the i5 of course)
  • Unless you are gaming, you don’t need the extra for the video card. The 4th Gen does a really good job.
  • Dual RAM. You still get a little extra bump from “Dual Channel” ram
  • CD/DVD if you need it, they are all about the same these days. It’s good to have if you need to put Windows back on.


Raxco PerfectDisk – Click on this link to go straight to their website.

Hands down, the best upgrade you can possibly do, is replace your internal computer hard drive to an SSD. The same type of storage drive you find in cell phones or thumb drives (usb key, flash drive, etc.)

If you don’t want to spend that kind of money and time ($200-$500), the next best thing, defrag. Defrag put your files in the best, quickest to access place on your computer. This can increase your whole computer drastically. The best one to date, is Perfect Disk. If you have an SSD, this can supposedly reduce the wear and tear. But it’s not going to make an SSD any faster.

CCleaner – by Piriform

The next things that would be good to do is cleanup all the junk in the computer. For that I suggest CCleaner. It finds all the files left behind by programs that have been installed, updates, and sometimes hundreds of thousands of tiny files left behind by your internet browsing.

SAFE, Downloads

The best place to browse for safe files comes down to 2 right now.

These two do have “little tricks” that they sometimes throw in. To the right of the clip below, there is advertising. That’s the paid for bad stuff. Just below the “CCleaner” is download now. Sometimes they put a link just below that big green download now. It’ll say “direct link” to download. Otherwise you install some of’s “stuff”. Still safe, just a bit annoying.


Mcafee Business Antivirus

My all time favorite. You have to create an account and manage the bulk of the antivirus and firewall from there. Works really well on networks, fast, light and still kicks virus butt.

Microsoft Security Essentials

Click on the link above to go to Microsoft’s download site.

Fast, easy to use, easy to maintain and still works pretty good. This antivirus comes with Windows. It’s still supported by Microsoft with Vista, Windows 7 and comes native in Windows 8. Once installed in Vista or Windows 7 you will see a little green flag in the bottom right of the screen. See the image below if you aren’t sure if you have it already or not. This will be in the system tray located next to the time in the bottom right of your Windows 7 or Vista operating system.




Click on the link above to go straight to the download of MalwareBytes.

Great for keeping out Malware, this is one of the few products I would have you purchase if you are getting popups, ads links that take you to the wrong places. If you don’t already have it you can even download, install, and use the full version just long enough to get those pesky problems out of your machine.

Spyware Hunter from enigma software.

Another one that I’ve had only a few people run with really good success, is SpywareHunter. @ $40 it’s a bit out of what I feel a decent price range of malware programs. It has kicked some of the sneakiest malware I’ve seen. Otherwise seems to be an often updated, well built malware superhero.

Just found out that Spyware Hunter is a subscription. They go for 6 months. Malwarebytes has also moved to more of a yearly subscription as well.


Hello Rogue Valley!

Hello to all, yes, this is the real, David Forrest

This is the start of my permanent WordPress site.

I’ll start by pointing you in the right locations for tools, utility and safe places to download software. Any major security issues, good places to buy equipment, or maybe even the bad ones.

Sorry about the test message, that was me.. oops! My plan is to only push really major things, security issues, vacation or location changes. Otherwise, within the next week this should be on my main site to check in on, ask questions etc.

Thanks to all!