Click on the link above to go straight to the download of MalwareBytes.

Great for keeping out Malware, this is one of the few products I would have you purchase if you are getting popups, ads links that take you to the wrong places. If you don’t already have it you can even download, install, and use the full version just long enough to get those pesky problems out of your machine.

Spyware Hunter from enigma software.

Another one that I’ve had only a few people run with really good success, is SpywareHunter. @ $40 it’s a bit out of what I feel a decent price range of malware programs. It has kicked some of the sneakiest malware I’ve seen. Otherwise seems to be an often updated, well built malware superhero.

Just found out that Spyware Hunter is a subscription. They go for 6 months. Malwarebytes has also moved to more of a yearly subscription as well.