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Reset history and reset the whole browser!

Periodically your web browsing experience may become exceptionally slow or give you odd behavior such as the page content not updating, which in most cases is a result of corruption in temporary files such as caches and preferences. In order to make troubleshooting these files simple, many browsers have reset options readily available, but others do not. Here are the locations of various places to reset histories, caches, and other temporary items on several popular Mac browsers (the latest versions of each).

Keep in mind that performing all of these actions will revert your browser’s settings back to the defaults, and in some cases not all of them are needed to clear browsing problems. In some instances there are multiple ways of accessing the same reset functions, but I figured I would cover all ways possible for each browser. In addition to these, removing the application’s preference file itself (located in your /username/Library/Preferences/ folder — delete any file containing the name of the respective browser) will reset a number of altered settings.


  • Reset Safari
    Safari Menu ⇒ Reset Safari ⇒ Check all options and then click “Reset”
  • Empty Cache
    Safari Menu ⇒ Empty Cache
  • Clear RSS Feeds
    Preferences ⇒ RSS ⇒ Click “Remove Now”
  • Remove Cookies
    Preferences ⇒ Security ⇒ Show Cookies ⇒ Select all with “cmd-A” and click “Remove All”
  • Remove Stored Javascripts
    Preferences ⇒ Security ⇒ Show Databases ⇒ Select all with “cmd-A” and click “Remove All”


  • Remove Saved Passwords
    Preferences ⇒ Security Section ⇒ Saved Passwords… ⇒ Remove All
  • Empty Cache
    Preferences ⇒ Advanced Section ⇒ Network Tab ⇒ Click “Clear Now”
  • Clear Offline Sites
    Preferences ⇒ Advanced Section ⇒ Network Tab ⇒ Exceptions… ⇒ Remove All Sites
  • Clear Recent Items
    Tools Menu ⇒ Clear Recent History ⇒ Select Time Range and Check Everything ⇒ Click “Clear Now”


  • Remove Widgets
    Widgets Menu ⇒ Manage Widgets ⇒ remove all…
  • Remove Mail and Chat Accounts
    Tools Menu ⇒ Mail and Chat Accounts ⇒ Select and “Delete”
  • Reset Private Data
    Tools Menu ⇒ Delete Private Data ⇒ Check All and click “Delete”
  • Remove Saved Passwords
    Preferences ⇒ Forms Tab ⇒ Password Manager ⇒ Select and “Delete”
  • Clear History
    Preferences ⇒ Advanced Tab ⇒ History Section ⇒ Clear Addresses
  • Empty Cache
    Preferences ⇒ Advanced Tab ⇒ History Section ⇒ Empty Now
  • Clear Cookies
    Preferences ⇒ Advanced Tab ⇒ Cookies Section ⇒ Manage Cookies… ⇒ Select and Delete


  • Reset Camino
    Camino Menu ⇒ Reset Camino…
  • Empty Cache
    Camino Menu ⇒ Empty Cache…
    Preferences ⇒ History Section ⇒ Click “Empty Cache”
  • Clear History
    History Menu ⇒ Clear History…
    Preferences ⇒ History Section ⇒ Click “Clear History”
  • Reset Custom Colors and Fonts
    Preferences ⇒ Appearance Section ⇒ Click “Reset” under both tabs
  • Clear Pop-up exceptions
    Preferences ⇒ Web Features Section ⇒ Click “Edit Pop-up Exceptions List..” ⇒ Click “Remove”


  • Clear History
    Navigate Menu ⇒ Clear History
    Preferences ⇒ History ⇒ Clear History Now
  • Delete Cookies
    Tools Menu ⇒ Cookies ⇒ Select all and “Delete”
  • Remove Javascript Database
    Preferences ⇒ Javascript ⇒ Max size for Database (set to 0, then back to 5MB)
  • Remove Custom Style Sheets
    Preferences ⇒ Style Sheets ⇒ Select and remove


  • Empty Cache
    File Menu ⇒ Flush Cache
  • Clear History
    History Menu ⇒ Clear History
  • Delete Cookies
    Security Preferences ⇒ Show Cookies… ⇒ Delete All
  • Reset Preferences
    Click the “Reset” button in preferences (only enables when settings are different from default ones)

Antivirus and Malware, PC safety for sale!

I’m selling the best I’ve ever worked with Antivirus and Malware / web protection.

Sophos AV Advanced protection per 1 year Windows XP – Windows 8.1, Apple and Server editions;

1-9 Computers –     $62 EA

10-24 Computers –  $57 EA

25-49 Computers –  $51 EA

Server Edition –       $88 EA Windows Server editions only


Sophos AV only standard suggested only if bundled with UTM below

1-9 Computers –     $35 EA

10-24 Computers –  $32 EA

25-49 Computers –  $29 EA


Government Only

1-10 Computers     – $47 EA

11-25 Computers   – $42 EA

25-49 Computers   – $36 EA

Microsoft Windows Server – $65


FIREWALL and router from Sophos any end user

115 no wifi hardware plus full subscription with WIFI approx + $50

1-year subscription 1095.00
2-year subscription 1205.00
3-year subscription 1485.00

After initial subscription;

410.00 – 1 year
498.50 – 2 year
630.50 – 3 year
34.00 – per month

Can’t browse the internet, check this list twice!

1) Basics: Wifi switch, network cables
2) Repair Adapter
3) Reinstall Drivers
4) Boot in Safe Mode w/ Networking
5) Virus/Malware/Rootkit/Adware Scans
6) Ran Norton Removal Tool (even though I didn’t have Norton)
7) ipconfig /release /renew
8) Flush DNS
9) netsh winsock reset
10) No proxies set -> all default obtain automatically.
11) Uninstall all 3rd Party Firewalls/Antivirus, Turn Off Windows Firewall
12) Check hosts.ini has localhost



Repair the Windows 8/7/Vista TCP/IP Stack

If you’ve tried everything you can think of to cure an Internet connection problem without success, it could well mean that Windows TCP/IP parameters have become corrupt. This often happens when a virus has been removed from your system but left behind some damage. It can also happen when you remove security software such as a firewall, which is deeply integrated with the Windows networking system.

To fix the problem you need to reset the Windows networking stack. Fortunately Windows 8/7/Vista comes with a built-in tool you can use to do this:

Click Start > All Programs > Accessories, right-click on Command Prompt and choose Run as administrator. Windows 8 users press [Windows Key] + [X] and select Command Prompt (Admin).
At the command prompt type: netsh winsock reset catalog and press [Enter].
Next type: netsh int ip reset reset.log and press [Enter].
Restart your PC for the changes to take effect.