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Slow PC COST per employee

Average Salary – $60,000
Average Hourly Labor Rate (Fully Burdened) – $43/Hour
Time Wasted Due to Slow Computer – 2.75%
Annual Cost of Time Waste – $1,892 per employee
Annual Opportunity Cost of Time Waste – $3,784 per employee
Total Annual Cost of Slow Computer – $5,676 per employee

Think about the salaries that you are paying your employees. Let’s say you’re paying an employee $50,000 a year. Assuming that employee works 2,000 hours per year, you’re paying an average $25/hour. If that employee loses an average 40 minutes per day due to a slow computer, you’re losing $16.50 daily, multiplied by 250 working days in a year.

That amounts to $4,125 of their annual salary that you’re basically flushing down the toilet. A new PC costs around $1,000. Does that make good business sense?

Are Slow Computers Killing Employee Productivity in Your Dealership?