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OpenMesh, WIFI access point, new features

For anyone that has the wireless device OPEN MESH

I am starting to upgrade all the ones I have access to currently,

but if you have questions feel free to ask.

They have a new update that includes;


  • Faster. All graphs are now in Javascript for improved speed and interaction capabilities.
  • Fewer pop-ups. More is done in dynamic pages or tabs rather than secondary windows. Examples include Clients table, More table for Layer 7 traffic.
  • On-demand graphs. Individual client usage graphs are now drawn on demand to speed up the page. The client list can now be paged to further improve speed.
  • Better sorting. Sorting on tables throughout the site is improved.
  • Reports wired clients. Previously they were not included.



OM2P 150 Mbps Access Point with External Antenna

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